Dear Collegues,

Packaging accounts for 40% of the Turkish plastics industry and 70% of its exports. As a result, issues that the packaging industry faces affect the entire value chain from finished product manufacturers to aw material suppliers, distributors, machinery and equipment manufacturers, cast makers, and masterbatch producers.

The plastics industry has been under considerable threat lately. Plastic packaging is subject to additional taxes; EU bans single-use plastics; there are calls to ban plastic cases; microplastics and foam packaging may be next; and plastic bags are already heavily restricted. These threats necessitate a transformation and better communication of what plastics do. Meanwhile, new opportunities arise in the industry: developments in recycling; food-grade recycled raw materials; chemical recycling, and many others. Yet we all have the same question: How will we go about this transformation and change?

That is why PAGEV will hold the 7th PAGEV Plastic Packaging Congress in the Assembly Hall of Istanbul Chamber of Commerce on October 10, 2023 under the theme of "Plastic Packaging at the Turning Point" to focus on change and transformation.

Plastic materials have been quickly replacing alternatives in packaging due to their superior properties and becoming indispensable for the 21st century. Based on this premise, our congress will bring together representatives from public authorities, international organizations, manufacturers and academia, serving as a platform to discuss raw materials and markets, new technologies, innovative developments, smart packaging, design and brand-building, environment and recycling, circular economy, and Turkish and global legislation.  

PAGEV Congress Committee Chair